Historical Items Relative to the

City of Downey, California, U.S.A.

These are available from the Society on a CD.


Court Records  for Downey Judicial District, an Index of

 3- sorts as follows - compiled by the Whittier Historical Society





Cemetery Records   for Downey Cemetery

4 sorts as follows

Location by Block/Lot


Date of Birth

Date of Death

        Also some Extra Info


1939 History of Downey by Morrison

1973 History of Downey by Quinn

Excerpts  of Misc. Downey Historical Documents

               1948 City Directory

               Gov. John Downey - a Chronology

The Winning of the West - the Hovey Family's Experiences

The Casa de Parley Johnson - and the Parley and Geline "Gypsy" Johnson Family

Gov. John Downey - A TimeLine w/ EndNotes - by Gene O'Sullivan   ---   (just the TimeLine)


1940 Census of Downey - Indexed by Street Address.


List of Photos & Documents scanned from our files (2004-09)

List of Photos  used for the Latimer book on Downey History (2010)

List of Photos  used for the Kaiser Hospital displays (2008-09)

List of Photos  from the Sheriff’s Dept.

List of Photos  Speciality Photos, Maps, Wall Displays