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   Phone:  562/862-2777
Location: 12540 Rives Ave., Downey
             just north of Imperial Hwy.
    Mail: P.O.Box 554,  Downey, Ca, 90241
   Hours: 10am-2pm Wed & Thurs and 3rd Saturdays
Meetings: 7:30pm - 4th Thurs at Senior Center
           1/2 block north on corner at 7810 Quill Dr.
Membership: about 200.
      Dues: Student=$5, Adult=$10, Family=$15, Business=$25, Life=$200

Depending on how much you like to type and the friendliness of your software,
    we can be reached at ...

Officers: Bob Thompson, President; Robert Frank Williams, Treas.; Donna Honeycutt, Sect'y.
          John Vincent, President-Emeritus and Chief Charisma Officer 

See our Main Flyer/Sheet
       print it; make copies; spread them around to your friends.

Our Holdings - - 
We have a comprehensive and extensive card catalog of our holdings.
  which include but are not limited to ...
 High School yearbooks for both Downey High and Warren High
 Local Newspapers: Patriot, Eagle, Live-Wire, Champion
       (Some of) Our NewsPapers
       List of the Los Nietos Valley Pioneers
       1931 Photo of The Pioneers

 Our Barbara Dye Callarman Library contains approximately 100 linear feet
        of relevant books on Downey, local, and other/wide history.

Significant Compiled Projects.
        consisting of Books, Photos, etc.

1940 Census of Downey -- Indexed by Street Address

 Listing of the Downey Cemetery
 Court Records (limited) of Los Nietos and Downey Townships' courts
     and the Los Angeles County District Attorney's Office.
            (some indexes are available)
 Display Items of many disciplines.

Photos of wide scope 
  Awards and Plaques.
  Historic Downey -A.
  Historic Downey -B.
  History Center - On Display.
  History Center - On File.   (a subset scanned from our larger holdings)
  Sports, DowneyHi, Football

    Map To our Location.
    Map of Downey 1902.
    Map of Downey 1915.
    Map of Downey 1952.
    Map of Downey 1955.
    Map of Downey 1986.  Street Index
    Map of Downey 2002.  Street Index
    Link to other MapS of Downey.

Some selected photographs and other items ...

Downey Grammar School students in 1929 - Left end.
Downey Grammar School students in 1929 - Left center.
Downey Grammar School students in 1929 - Right center.
Downey Grammar School students in 1929 - Right end.

A Chronology of Downey.
A History of Downey.
Things Not In Downey Any More.
Old Houses Still in Downey.
Link to Current Local Concerns.

OFF-site Links to some Downey Photographs and Memories--
Link to Downey Photos -1.
Link to Downey Photos -2.
Link to Downey Photos -3.
Link to Downey Photos -4.
Lash Stevenson's Downey Notes and Photos.


Some Local Cemeteries -- 

Downey Cemetery w/ text lists (in list of L.A. Cemeteries).
Downey Cemetery w/ text lists and photos (in list of L.A. Cemeteries).
Downey Cemetery Photos.
Downey Cemetery (NOT Browseable, just searchable with tool)
 The location of this page changes occasionally, so it may appear missing. 
L.A.Co. Cemeteries, Newspapers, and other info
USA Cemeteries
Rose Hills (in Whittier).

Downey: Lakewood & Gardendale
Norwalk: Young Israel (Jewish), 13622 Curtis & King Rd, Norwalk, CA 90650
              CHEVRA KADISHA CEMETERIES (323) 654-8415
SantaFeSprings: Little Lake, 11959 E. Lakeland Rd.
SantaFeSprings: Olive Grove Cemetery, 10135 S. Painter
SantaFeSprings: Paradise, 11541 E. Florence Ave
LaMirada: Olive Lawn Memorial Park.  13926 S. La Mirada Blvd.  90638.
             (formerly Graceland Cemetery)

Other Local Resources . . . .

 Downey City.
 A Downey History.
 Downey Library. Library Contacts.
 Downey Schools  Downey High  Downey High Student News/Pub  Warren High 
 Downey Chamber of Commerce.

 AeroSpaceLegacyFoundation (Vultee-Rockwell, etc.)

 The Downey Patriot (current issue and archives).
 The Downey Eagle (archives; pub stopped Mar 2002).
 Newspaper Articles on Downey History.
 Downey Events Calendar and other Useful Local Contacts.

OTHER Area Resources  --
Other Societies, Sources, and Links . . .
 CONFERENCE of California Historical Societies.
 Associated Historical Societies of Los Angeles County (AHSLAC) - E-Mail.
 California Historical Society.
 Whittier Area Genealogical Society (WAGS).
               ( WAGS has indexed some of our court records )

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