Additional and Searchable Resources  -- especially by NAME ...


The data for Downey presented on this WebSite has been indexed only by Street address.

In time, one or more teams have undertaken the ARDIOUS TASK of transcribing

  the name and other details and making them available for searching.


These name transcptions and those of MANY MANY other places for MANY years,

   are available to possibly varying degrees at the LDS, at

     Heritage Quest Online, and at possibly other places.


The top page for the Latter Day Saints is at ...

  the list of collections is at ...

  the 1940 Census is at ...

  the Social Security Death Index (SSDI) is at ...

  It does NOT require any access parameters and is free to all.


The top page for Heritage Quest Online is at ...

  It requires a USERNAME and PASSWORD to access the Census and most of

    the site's other holdings.

Many libraries offer ON-SITE access -- especially genealogy libraries,

 and most especially the majority of the many local LDS Family History Centers.

Some public libraries offer REMOTE access from your home systems if you hold

 their library card; check around to see if such is available to you;

 some libraries allow residents or employees in neighboring cities to hold cards.


For more Heritage Quest Online access info see at ...    etc. etc.